Of course, you can! When you install and launch the mobile app for the first time, you'll be asked whether you already have an account or want to create a new one. Your new PCS Drive account will come with up to 5 GB of storage space for free, plus most of the PCS Drive features.

Sharing large files is easy and simple with PCS Drive. You can choose among several file sharing options:
Shared links - send files to friends and family by generating a link. Your recipients will get an instant preview from their browser, even if they don't have a PCS Drive account. For extra security, you can protect your links with a password or set an expiration date.

You can install the PCS Drive app only once per device, and at this time there's no option to link more than one account at once.

PCS Drive is your personal cloud space where you can store all your files and folders. It has a user-friendly interface that clearly shows where everything is located and what it does.

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